• Why do I need Ovega-3?

    Because DHA & EPA are essential for good health, yet they are among the most important nutrients lacking in Americans’ diets today. If you don't eat a lot of fatty fish, chances are, you are not getting an adequate supply of DHA & EPA.

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  • The science behind
    DHA & EPA

    Are all omega-3s created equal? No. DHA and EPA are widely recognized as the more significant omega-3s because they support brain, eye and/or heart health throughout all stages of life.

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  • Where can I
    buy Ovega-3?

    Ovega-3 is available right at your fingertips!

    Not only is Ovega-3 sold online, it is sold at fine health food stores across the country.
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Ovega-3 is a heart healthy alternative to fish oil from a sustainable plant source with NO fishy aftertaste.* Learn more.

Did You Know?

Most people think fish are the original source of DHA and EPA, but it's really the algae in their food chain that contain these important omega-3 fatty acids. Learn More

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